Wild Hearts -“Shamba” African Farm & Petting Zoo
Shamba is Swahili for “farm”.

Wild Hearts Zoo is excited to take part in Ohio’s newest industry, “agritourism”. Our farmland is comprised of 31 beautiful acres of crops, animal pastures, apple trees, historic barn, walking paths and a gorgeous stocked pond. We are located in Lewisburg, Ohio. Currently, we are operating our small Petting Zoo and have big plans to add more barns, large pastures a greenhouse and even a silo.

Our future plans involve creating a working African farm or Shamba, where our guests will get to explore a farm unlike any other in Ohio! We envision multi-species pastures with animals like zebra, ostrich and camels grazing. Visit a “kraal” which is where African farmers board their livestock at night. Learn about the livestock guarding dogs who watch over the animals or “wanyama”. Our animals participate in dairying, pasturing and breeding, plus they serve as educational ambassadors for their species.

You’ll also see many familiar animals from other parts of the world such as bison, horses, peafowl, and even parrots!. Our petting zoo will be a fascinating place to feed and touch sheep, chickens, Patagonian cavies, ducks and turtles. Conservationists will be on hand to give lively presentations and discussions. Our Shamba Dairywill be a unique experience where you can milk goats and camels, and also learn how to make cheese and fudge! Discover the history of animal domestication going all the way back to the Three Wise Men. Bamboo along with vegetables and hay will be grown here for animal food and for our Farmer’s Market.

Shamba can move forward as a working farm thanks to Senate Bill 75 which allows Ohio farms to invite the public onto their property to participate and view agriculture productions. We have worked with our local government to ensure that the activities taking place here meet the criteria of the agritourism law. It is our goal to be a beautiful complement to the other farms in Preble County, Ohio while providing a unique agritourism destination.

As we work towards opening day, feel free to book our Mobile Teaching Zoo or visit our intimate Petting Zoo for Education Programs!

Wild Hearts Questions? contact@WildHeartsAfricanFarm.org